Thoughts Regarding Pick No3 and Rebuilding

Hey all, I was thinking about some of the arguments between rebuilding or staying the course, so I wanted to put them down for others to see as well, in case anybody was thinking along the same lines.

I'm in support of a rebuild, but the strategy that a rebuild hinges on is to hope for few wins and a high draft pick. It sounds good in theory, but we are leaving a lot to chance. The Pistons won the lottery a few seasons ago and got Cade, but have proceeded to drop in the lottery two seasons in a row, despite their abysmal record. This is to say, those arguing for a rebuild need to remember that where we draft is still left to chance, even if we have the worst record in the league.

Personally, I don't mind this too much because I still have a lot of trust in Mike Schmitz, but if we were to rebuild, the fanbase would also have to agree to stomaching the potential worst case scenario of having the worst record in the league, but getting the worst possible pick with that record; maybe even multiple seasons in a row. I may be optimistic, but I can't deny how much more difficult that would make acquiring better talent for the future.

Whether you are in favor of staying the course with Dame, or rebuilding the team, it's important to remember that if the organization chooses to rebuild, we will have to be content with the possibility that we don't get the highest picks despite being a bad team.

I hope this can help spur on more intelligent discussions regarding what path the Blazers should choose.