Trading Simons and Sharpe to build a contender

JC said that a trade may look like an overpay, but they want to really build around Dame.

Bill Simmons said that Ant/#3 may be able to get us Brown. Assuming that would the Nets accept Sharpe/Nurk/#23 for Bridges/Mills

Dame/Brown/Bridges/Grant would be an outstanding nucleolus. Once Brown and Grant's new contracts kick in, the team will be really expensive. But we ducked the tax the last few years in preparation for this.

We should then resign Thybulle, Eubanks and possibly Reddish if he's willing to sign for cheap. Then use the MLE for the best available center and the vet min for another center Hoping we could get two of either Plumlee, Reid, or Drummond

PG: Dame/Mills

SG: Brown/Thybulle/Keon

SF: Bridges/Reddish/Nas

PF: Grant/Watford/Walker

C: Plumlee,Drummond, Eubanks