Simple but effective trade

The Magic need three-point shooting. The Blazers need depth snd size.

I know there have been many iterations of a Blazers-Magic trade, but perhaps a basic Simons for Carter and Anthony does the trick.

Carter combines with Grant and Nurk to be our three-headed monster at PF and C. Anthony can back up Dame and be a scoring guard off the bench.

The Magic get their high-scoring, 3-pt shooting (and Fla native) guard to pair with Banchero.

We keep #3 in the draft and add Miller to be our SF of the future. He either backs up Little or Cam, or forces his way into starting 5. The future is bright with Shaedon snd Miller, but we’ve also built a contender for present day.

Dame / Cole

Thybulle / Sharpe

Miller / Little / Cam

Grant / Carter / Watford

Carter / Nurk / Eubanks