Sharpe - Detailed Statistical Analysis

If you skip forward through these slides, this statistical analysis by a Blazers fan in Japan is one of the most interesting and comprehensive I've seen:

Some of the highlights:

  • Very effective as a cutter (66% EFG) and spot-up shooter (69% EFG).
  • Only an 8.6% EFG difference between wide open and closely guarded shots, with great shooting splits. Almost as if defenders don't matter!
  • Pull-up mechanics on threes needs improvement, with 3P% dropping rapidly with increasing dribbles, but solid mid-range game shows promise for growth.
  • Elite ISO defender (0.75 PPP), great at forcing turnovers and high-level blocker against guards and forwards.
  • Really poor at defensive rotations on the perimeter, ranking super low against spot-ups (20th percentile) and hand-offs (10th). Hopefully will improve as he has all the necessary abilities to correct it.
The fan who made the video thinks he has a chance to be MIP in 2023-24, riding a Darious Garland like curve and taking a huge leap as a sophomore. Curious to hear what other people think!