My Favorite Scouting Resources

Obviously, there are an innumerable amount of NBA scouting resources, but I have two that I use most frequently because of how often they update their info, and their level of detail. What absolutely sells them for me is that they do not try to pass themselves off as wizards or know-it-alls, but are upfront about challenges and mistakes in scouting.

The first of which, I've shared a few times on here, "The Box and One," a substack page and youtube channel. I believe on youtube they are also under the name of "Adam Spinella" who is the creator and operator.

The second is "Global Scouting" on Twitter and Instagram. They are a public page, and you should be able to view them without an account. Don't confuse them with similarly named results that may come up on Google, just look for the black and white globe/basketball logo. The creator of this page was originally just doing all of their work for years independently and from home, but did such a great job with so little resources that they were hired by Sports Illustrated a few months ago.

I hope this helps anybody looking for easy-to-digest scouting materials. I've personally found that some other sites, while detailed, either don't update frequently enough, or don't cover enough players, which is why I prefer these two resources and wanted to share them.

Good luck!