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Blazers ‘Very Happy’ to Keep No. 3 Pick, Says Insider

ESPN draft guru Jonathan Givony doesn’t buy into the belief the Portland Trail Blazers will move their No. 3 pick.

Portland Trail Blazers v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

The initial reaction to the Portland Trail Blazers securing the third pick in next month’s NBA Draft was that the franchise would move it for veteran help.

However, ESPN draft guru Jonathan Givony, a former colleague of Blazers assistant general manager Mike Schmitz told Zach Lowe on the Lowe Post podcast that he believe the team will keep the pick.

“You talked about Portland, I don’t see them trading it either, honestly. I think they’d be very happy with Brandon Miller or Scoot Henderson. I also think they’re going to kick the tires on the Thompson twins, on Cam Whitmore. I think this is going to be a process here where they’re looking at a lot of different options.”

“If the draft were tonight, yeah, I think they would keep the pick. What trade are you going to make that makes them a Finals contender right away? Joe Cronin just signed this extension, he’s there long-term. Mike Schmitz is there long-term. They want to build. They are committed to Dame 100 percent. But at the same time, they have this incredible window. Shaedon Sharpe looks like he’s going to be an All Star but it’s not going to happen next year. This is the best thing that could have happened to them. Moving up to three, getting a guy that in two or three years from now, as the Dame window closes, is ready to make that leap to being an All NBA player.”

At his exit interview last month, point guard Damian Lillard said he didn’t have much of an appetite playing with another guy who was two or three years away.

You can listen to the discussion here, 25 minutes in.