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Should the Trail Blazers Keep or Trade the 3rd Pick?

Portland’s got it. Now what?

2021 NBA Draft Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

As we all know by now, the Portland Trail Blazers own the 3rd overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. Scoot Henderson, Brandon Miller, and a host of other non-Victor-Wembanyama players might and/or will be available. On the other hand, Portland might trade the pick to get a more established player to help aging star Damian Lillard achieve his dream of returning to playoffs contention.

Outside the confines of Blazer’s Edge, the storm is raging with people debating whether trading Lillard would be a smart move. That’s a call the Blazers aren’t likely to make. It may not even be in their hands, ultimately.

The third pick is. That’s why we’re taking the temperature today. If you were General Manager Joe Cronin, would you keep it and build for the future with a supposedly-ready-made star or would you move it for a more advanced, but also aged, version?

Keep it or trade it. Tell us which and tell us why in the comments below.