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2023 NBA Draft Lottery Open Thread

The Portland Trail Blazers have a 10.5 percent chance to land the top pick and the right to draft Victor Wembanyama.

2007 NBA Draft Lottery Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Tonight, the NBA Draft Lottery takes place and the Portland Trail Blazers will know where they will be picking in this year’s draft.

Full Draft Odds

Detroit Pistons +550 (14 percent)

Houston Rockets +550 (14 percent)

San Antonio Spurs +550 (14 percent)

Charlotte Hornets +650 (12.5 percent)

Portland Trail Blazers +800 (10.5 percent)

Orlando Magic +900 (9.0 percent)

Indiana Pacers +1200 (6.8 percent)

Washington Wizards +1200 (6.7 percent)

Utah Jazz +1800 (4.5 percent)

Dallas Mavericks +2800 (3.0 percent, belongs to New York if not top-10)

Chicago Bulls +4500 (1.8 percent, belongs to Orlando if not top-4)

Oklahoma City Thunder +4500 (1.7 percent)

Toronto Raptors +8000 (1.0 percent)

New Orleans Pelicans +16000 (0.5 percent)

How to Watch

Date: Tuesday, May 16

Time: 5 p.m. PT

Location: Chicago, IL

TV info: ESPN

Online streaming: ESPN+

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