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Blazers’ Damian Lillard Won’t Be Traded to Lakers After Rap Lyrics Clear Up Rumors

The Los Angeles Lakers won’t be acquiring Damian Lillard in a trade anytime soon.

Los Angeles Lakers v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Amanda Loman/Getty Images

Death, taxes, Damian Lillard trade rumors.

That’s the life of a Portland Trail Blazers fan, but every time a rumor has come up, Lillard has denied it.

Despite the public displays of loyalty and contract extensions, fans just don’t seem to understand that Lillard wants to stay in Portland.

Maybe these fans, critics and hopeless romantics will finally get it (they won’t) after Dame’s freestyle on the beat from “Heaven or Hell” from Meek Mill.

Note: There are some NSFW lyrics in Lillard’s rap.

Apart of those lyrics is another sign that Lillard isn’t being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers nor leaving the Blazers anytime soon.

“Plotting on a ring/They say I should do the Lakers/F*** the loyal s***/What if Reggie just left the Pacers?”

Reggie Miller is probably the last superstar to remain with a small-market team for their entire career. It took Miller 13 seasons to reach the NBA Finals. Lillard is about to finish his 11th season, which means Miller’s career offers hope that the Blazers can figure it out and reach the NBA Finals in the Dame era.