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Jacked Ramsays Go 1-on-1 with Trail Blazers GM Joe Cronin

The definitive Blazers podcast gets to the heart of Portland’s off-season questions.

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Dallas Mavericks v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

On the latest episode of Jacked Ramsays, host Danny Marang sat down with Portland Trail Blazers General Manager Joe Cronin to discuss a host of questions and issues. Here’s the list of topics and time stamps, with the podcast link and embed just below.

What did Cronin learn about players who can and can’t play with Damian Lillard (1:00)

Are you comfortable going forward with the Dame (Lillard) and Ant (Simons) backcourt pairing? (3:00)

How do you get a more veteran laden team when so much of your roster is so young? (5:00)

Is ownership comfortable paying the luxury tax for a team that can compete? (7:20)

Has there been any movement on a potential G-League team for the Trail Blazers? (8:10)

Have the Sacramento Kings set a kind of framework for competitiveness level to follow? (9:20)

Do you believe Shaedon Sharpe has shown enough that he can be a starter in Year 2? (10:40)

Is there one thing that’s front of mind - the one functional thing that you want to improve most with this roster? (12:40)

How confident are you that you can put a top-4/5 seed in the West next year? (13:50)

What are/were the pros and cons you’ve noticed taking the job via promotion within the team vs coming in fresh to the team entirely? (14:40)

Have you decided who you’re sending to the Draft Lottery as the team representative? (16:45)

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