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Details Revealed About NBA’s New CBA

Award eligibility, salary increases and tax aprons are all apart of the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Portland Trail Blazers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The new Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NBA and the NBPA that will come into effect for the upcoming 2023-24 NBA season saw a few new details being reported.

The most notable, reported by The Athletic’s Shams Charania, is a minutes stipulation that adds to the previously reported 65-game minimum for all major awards.

The new information adds to the game minimum by imposing a minute count, likely to avoid players who are close to the game requirement playing just a couple minutes before resting the rest of the game towards the end of the season. It also allows for exceptions to be made in extreme cases, such as a season ending injury.

Charania also reported on increases in mid level exception salaries, and new rules for G-League and two-way contracts.

ESPN’s Tim Bontemps reported a new tax apron, and a deterrent for going over that second tax apron in the form of losing flexibility with draft picks.

It’s hard to tell how these changes will affect teams in the long run, but this is hopefully an attempt to allow small market teams like the Portland Trail Blazers to compete against the giants of the game.