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Shawn Kemp Shooting Update: NBA Star May Have Been Returning Fire

Details unfold in the aftermath of the shooting incident in Tacoma.

Seattle Supersonics v Washington Bullets

Yesterday, former NBA star Shawn Kemp was booked on charges of Drive-By Shooting in Tacoma, Washington. No injuries were reported in the incident. The Tacoma Police Department released the following information:

At 1:58 pm, an altercation between the occupants of 2 cars led to shots being fired at a parking lot in the 4500 blk of S. Steele St. One car fled. No injuries were reported. A gun was recovered. A 53-yr-old male was booked for Drive-By Shooting. The investigation is ongoing,

In the aftermath, David Rose and Fox 13 News have reported that sources have relayed that Kemp was trying to recover a stolen iPhone and that the suspect in the alleged theft fired on him first, leading Kemp to return fire.

Sources close to Kemp told FOX 13’s David Rose that he had property stolen from his car on Tuesday, tracked his iPhone to Tacoma on Wednesday and when he approached the vehicle, a suspect shot at him. He fired back in self-defense.

NPR calls the alleged shooting a “felony criminal charge” and explains the laws governing such in Washington State:

Under Washington state law, the crime of drive-by shooting applies to anyone who fires a gun either directly from a vehicle or from “the immediate area of a motor vehicle that was used to transport the shooter or the firearm, or both, to the scene of the discharge,” creating “a substantial risk of death or serious physical injury.”

Kemp played 14 seasons in the NBA: 8 with the Seattle Supersonics, 3 with the Cleveland Cavaliers, 2 with the Portland Trail Blazers, and a single season with the Orlando Magic. Kemp played in Portland between 2000-2002, his final NBA stop besides Orlando.

We will update this story as relevant news is published.


CNN has reported that Kemp has been released from jail with no charges filed, pending further investigation.

In a statement emailed to CNN on Thursday, Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office spokesperson Adam Faber said no charges will be filed today.

“This case’s status will be ‘No Charges Filed’ pending further investigation by Tacoma Police, and Mr. Kemp will be released,” he wrote.