Nurkic status? What is his injury?

Does Nurkic have a calf muscle injury or something more serious? What is the difference between a calf muscle injury and an Achilles tendon injury?

I would have expected a muscle injury to take two to four weeks of recovery for a substantial (non-tear) injury.

Let me come out and say...I am not a doctor...just someone who has gone through a few calf injuries, an Achilles strain, and plantar fascitis over the years.

Of my injuries, the tendon and fascia injuries took the longest to recover - typically six to eight weeks (versus the two to four for muscle injuries).

So...Nurkic has now been out since February 3rd (five weeks).

Are Nurkic and the Blazers just being abundantly cautious with what might be an Achilles inflammation or are they deliberately holding him out to try to make a run the last 15 to 18 games if the team is doing well enough (i.e. in striking distance)?