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Last Call for Blazer’s Edge Night Help (Please?)

A couple hundred tickets remain, and three days.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Portland Trail Blazers Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who’s read our site for more than a minute knows that one of the biggest and best moments in any Portland Trail Blazers season is Blazer’s Edge Night, when our readers send thousands of children from the Portland area to see the Trail Blazers play in person.

We get requests from teachers, counselors, principals, community leaders...all kind of adults who work with under-served kids. The majority of our participants have never seen the Blazers play in person. Even if they could afford it, the infrastructure just isn’t there. But we make it possible for the adults in their lives to become the helping hand, the organizing force that bridges the gap between these young folks and the Moda Center.

That happens because you donate tickets. Donations have been pretty steady this year. We haven’t had a huge bump yet. But here’s the deal. Sunday is the last day to provide tickets for the event, and right around 400 possible tickets remain un-donated at this point. We have a goodly amount already, but we’d like to send the most possible kids we could and we know that people are waiting to see if their kids can go.

We have less than 72 hours to donate those remaining tickets before they are released into the wild. You can donate one or a hundred, whatever you can manage, but whatever you decide, can you please help?

The process is super easy! You just purchase the tickets from the Blazers themselves through this link. It’s exactly like buying them for yourself! But instead of putting them in your account, the Blazers put them in the Blazer’s Edge Night account. The kids and their chaperones pick them up at Will Call the night of the game, and everyone has an amazing time!

This year’s game is March 29th against the Sacramento Kings. It’s sure to be exciting, and all of those young folks cheering every bucket like it was Game 7 of the NBA Finals makes it even more so. Please give a ticket or two so we can foster the next generation of Trail Blazers fandom and make the dreams of kids around Portland come true!