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NBA Standings Update: Wizards, Magic Games Could Impact Blazers Lottery Odds

The Blazers are off today, but the draft position could be altered by two games.

Washington Wizards v Toronto Raptors Photo by Vaughn Ridley/NBAE via Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers are one of four teams tightly grouped at the bottom of the league-wide standings.

The team with the worst record at season’s end will take the league’s fifth-worst record into May’s draft lottery, giving them above a 10 percent chance at the first pick and Victor Wembanyama.

The four teams include the Blazers, Indiana Pacers, Orlando Magic and Washington Wizards, all four of which are currently separated by only two games.

Today, the Washington Wizards host the Boston Celtics while the Orlando Magic visit the Memphis Grizzlies. The Blazers and Pacers have the day off.

Key results to watch:

  • A Magic win will leave the Blazers as the sole fifth worst record holders at 32-43. While a Magic loss would bump the Blazers back up to sixth worst on the league-wide standings.
  • A Wizards win puts the DC franchise a game and a half ahead of the Blazers. A Wizards loss still has them a half game above of Portland.

Importantly, the Pacers, Wizards and Magic are still within arms reach of the Eastern Conference Play-In race.