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Blazers Receive Significant Sum of Money From NBA Revenue Sharing Plan

The Portland Trail Blazers just made a lot of money.

NBA: Playoffs-Golden State Warriors at Portland Trail Blazers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers are getting paid, but it’s more than meets the eye.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting the figures that each team is making as part of the league’s 2021-22 revenue sharing plan:

ESPN Sources: 20 NBA teams received payment in the league’s revenue sharing plan for the 2021-2022 season

In the plan, 10 large market teams that made the most revenue paid the other 20 teams who didn’t make as much in order to create more balance around the league for all 30 teams.

Here are the teams who gave money:

Warriors made highest contribution to pool at $45M. Lakers paid ($42.8M), Knicks ($20.9M), Celtics ($15.7M), Bulls ($10M).

Dallas ($8.8M), Philadelphia ($6.4M), Miami ($5.1M), Clippers ($5M) and Nets ($3M).

And here are those who received:

Pacers getting the largest share at $42.2M.

Denver ($35.5M), Portland ($32M), Charlotte ($31.6M), Sacramento ($29.9M), New Orleans ($28.9M), Memphis ($28M), San Antonio ($26.3M), Minnesota ($25.6M), Orlando ($23.4M), Detroit ($21.5M, Cleveland ($19.9M).

Sources: OKC ($17.5M), Utah ($11.7M), Atlanta ($10.8M), Washington ($7.2M), Milwaukee ($6.7M), Toronto ($2.1M), Phoenix ($1.6M), Houston ($931K).

Those 20 teams are sharing $404.1 million in revenue sharing contributions for 2021-2022, according to a memo shared with teams.

This means that the Blazers are getting the third-largest contribution from the large market teams to help balance revenue. It’s a sign that the Blazers, a small market team that underperformed in 2021-22, didn’t do so hot financially. As a small market team, the Blazers will always find themselves amongst the group receiving money, but this is a sign that there is room for improvement.