New Head Coach Suggestions

It has come up a ton over the past 2 seasons. Last year I was fine with how things were "playing" out, as it was an injury year for Dame, and no Dame means no game... for this squad. Also I love the draft, and having a Lotto pick really got me amped (we also grabbed the guy I wanted so double whammy!)

But we should be showing growth and advancement over the course of a season and this squad looks worse every week.

So in the interest of bringing winning basketball back to PDX, let's chat about some possible HC candidates. No Holds Barred, who do you think we should bring in?

Below is a list of potentials, and one out of left field that isn't being talked about, but don't restrict yourselves to just these:

  • Mike D'Antoni - too old for my blood, never really known as a defensive minded coach... but if you can score more than the other team, you tend to win lol.
  • Sam Cassel - no HC experience, but has been an Asst for a minute. I worry it's the same situation CB's in, and would pass personally.
  • Charles Lee - No HC experience, but is a young (38) guy who is looked on by his peers as a legit X's and O's savant. Never played pro in the US, but played in college and overseas. Could be a nice up and comer to bring in for the next decade or two. My 2nd choice.
  • Kenny Atkinson - Played Pro ball, been with the Warriors as an asst. the past couple seasons. Was already a HC in Brooklyn. Known for developing young players. Well liked around the league.
  • Shaka Smart - I would love to bring in Shaka. He played in College, has won at every college he's coached. Is 45, so young enough to connect with players and still have energy, old enough to have been around the block. What he has done with Marquette over the past 2 seasons only further supplants his coaching and development status. My #1
Who's at the top of your list?