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Details On The Blazers’ Second Round Picks from Trades

The Blazers received Kevin Knox II and five second rounders for Gary Payton II. Here are the picks.

Atlanta Hawks v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Soobum Im/Getty Images

In the minutes before today’s NBA Trade Deadline, the Portland Trail Blazers sent Gary Payton II back to the Golden State Warriors for Kevin Knox II and five second round picks.

Rose Garden Report’s Sean Highkin has details on the five picks.

The 5 second-round picks Portland is getting in the GP2 trade: 2023 from Atlanta (the second-most favorable of ATL, CHA, BKN), 2024 from Atlanta (must be 31-55), 2025 from Atlanta (must be 31-40), Memphis’ 2026 pick from Golden State (top-42 protected) and GSW’s unprotected 2028.

In 2023, the Blazers will receive the more favorable of the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets and Brooklyn Nets picks, via the Hawks.

In 2024, Portland receives the Hawks’ pick as long as it lands between 31 and 55.

In 2025, they get Atlanta’s pick between 31 and 40.

In 2026, Portland gets the Memphis Grizzlies second rounder as long as it lands after pick 42.

And in 2028, the Blazers get the Warriors pick unprotected.

The Blazers signed Payton II to its midlevel exception in July, a month after he helped the Warriors to the 2022 NBA Championship.