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Jazz PF Jarred Vanderbilt ‘Most Likely’ Utah Player to Be Traded; Blazers Interested?

Jarred Vanderbilt could be on his way out of Utah this week. Could he be moving to Portland?

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NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Utah Jazz Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers are just days away from the NBA Trade Deadline and rumors continue to pop up as the clock is ticking.

According to The Athletic’s Tony Jones, the Utah Jazz is a big seller in the market and Jarred Vanderbilt is the most likely player to be traded.

Of the players currently on the Jazz, Vanderbilt seems the most likely to be moved between now and Thursday, sources say. The Jazz value him. But, in Utah’s system, Vanderbilt is a center, and rookie Walker Kessler has emerged and made it impossible for the franchise to keep the rookie off the floor. That means Vanderbilt becomes a bit redundant for Utah. And his talent, his age, and his team friendly contract have made him popular on the trade market. The Jazz have multiple offers for him. The only question at this point is whether they feel comfortable or not with accepting one of them.

The Blazers are one of the teams rumored to be interested in Vanderbilt’s services and Shams Charania even named Portland as the favorite to land him last week.

Earlier this season Damian Lillard was asked which players he’d like to play alongside, naming Vanderbilt as one of his top picks.

Fanspo also recently prompted discussion of a Vanderbilt trade to Portland suggesting a deal involving a Portland first round pick. The Blazers would be unable to make that offer without altering the protection on the pick they currently owe to the Chicago Bulls, exchanged when Portland acquired Larry Nance, Jr. in the summer of 2021.

Vanderbilt, 23, has another year on his $4.3 million per year deal. He has averaged 8.3 points, 7.9 rebounds, 2.7 assists, and one steal in 24.2 minutes per game for the Jazz over 52 appearances. He shoots 56 percent from the field, 33.9 percent from beyond the three-point line.