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Who is Your Favorite Portland Trail Blazers Player (Besides Damian Lillard)?

Has getting through two-thirds of the season changed your view?

NBA: Washington Wizards at Portland Trail Blazers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers will exit the NBA All-Star break on Thursday night with a 7:00 PM game against the Sacramento Kings. As we say farewell to the extended rest, we’re going to pose a couple questions asking you to reflect on the season so far.

The first one is simple. Who is your favorite Portland Trail Blazers player among the current roster members?

Now hold up a minute, sparky. If we leave this poll wide open, especially with any influx of a casual or national audience, one person is going to get 85% of the vote. That’s what happens when you’re the most charismatic player to ever don a franchise’s uniform, get famous for highlight reel buzzer-beaters, score 30 points a game, star in national commercials, get your own Adidas shoe line, and release a new rap album every couple of years. We see you, Damian Lillard. We ALL see you.

But there are 14 other players on the team this year. If we concede Dame as the overall favorite, that still leaves room for plenty of bias and sentimentality.

So then, we’re asking. With almost 60 games gone, you have a pretty good sense of most of the players on the squad, give or take a Cam Reddish or Kevin Knox. Of all the remaining players, who is your favorite?

You can certainly go by stats and performance, but it’s also permissible to like someone just because you like them. Either way, by any criteria you care to use, you’re good. Just share in the comments below which player floats your boat alongside Dame.