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Josh Hart Praises Blazers Organization, Training Staff

The new Knick labeled his former employer a “class act.”

Portland Trail Blazers v Chicago Bulls Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

In the moments after his first performance as a member of the New York Knicks, Josh Hart took time to praise the quality of the Portland Trail Blazers organization.

“Portland as an organization was great, Joe Cronin has been great. That organization is nothing but a class act. In the front office, in the training room. And I just want to say that that organization is respectful, a class act and does everything by the book.”

The veteran wing was dealt from the Blazers to the Knicks on Wednesday in exchange for Cam Reddish, a protected first round pick and Ryan Arcidiacono as part of a larger four-team deal.

Hart’s words follow controversy surrounding the Blazers’ other deadline deal — also a four-team trade — involving Gary Payton II and the Golden State Warriors.

The issue arose after The Athletic’s Shams Charania and Anthony Slater reported that Payton failed the Warriors’ physical with reports claiming he was given Toradol in order to help him play for Portland this season. — information the Blazers reportedly didn’t disclose to Golden State.

However, Chris Haynes of TNT Sports and Bleacher Report tweeted a statement from Payton II’s manager Aaron Goodwin, claiming the veteran guard never took Toradol shots to be available for games during his time in Portland.

The Warriors have until Sunday evening at 9:30 PM, Eastern time to accept or reject the trade based on Payton’s physical.

They are free to accept or reject the deal based on the findings of their team physicians. The issue of medication is still important, as it speaks to proper disclosure on the part of the Trail Blazers. If they didn’t disclose the use of medication, they could be found liable by the league, which could then impose penalties on the franchise.