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Help Us Give to Children In Need this Christmas

You can make a big difference for a young Blazers fan.

Dallas Mavericks v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Cameron Browne/NBAE via Getty Images

Christmas is the season of giving for Portland Trail Blazers fans as much as anybody else. As you approach the holiday, could you please remember that a couple thousand young Blazers fans are hoping to see their team play the Atlanta Hawks on March 13th? That’s the date of Blazer’s Edge Night, 2024. Each year kids and chaperones from the local area write in, asking if they can attend. For most it’s their first, maybe only, chance to see the team play in person! We purchase tickets from the Blazers office, donating them to the cause. That night, the young people and adults who work with them pick them up at Will Call and...boom! The Moda Center is full of happy, cheering fans no matter what the team’s record or relative ability. It’s a marvelous night, a marvelous gift. We need your help in making it happen.

Please take a moment today to donate a ticket or two...more if you can! A small gift makes a huge difference in the life of these young folks and the people who serve them.

Donating tickets to the event is easy! You purchase them directly from the Trail Blazers, just as if you were buying them for yourself, except you do it through the special site they’ve set up for this event! Click through that link and you’ll see the page.

Once on the event page, click on “Buying Options” and you’ll be taken to the ticket selection page. There are three levels of tickets: $12, $16, and $23. Purchase as few or many as you wish! Even sending one participant matters. If you can send a whole row, even better!

After you checkout and purchase, the tickets go into the event account, earmarked for our participants!

Make these kids a part of your giving this year and watch the smiles bloom in spring! Thanks for helping. We, and they, appreciate it!