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NBA Attendance Records Reach New High in November

The NBA has not had a problem filling seats to start the season.

NBA: Preseason-Portland Trail Blazers at Utah Jazz Gabriel Mayberry-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA is doing a good job putting people in seats to start the season.

The league announced that it is averaging just over 18,000 people per game, which is a league-high for the month of November.

Part of this can be attributed to the NBA’s In-Season Tournament, which gave each team two home games with a little more on the line than the average regular season contest.

But also, the league has tremendous parity. Majority of the NBA’s teams are contending for at least a Play-In spot, which has fans excited about their team’s prospects for postseason play.

According to ESPN’s attendance report, the Portland Trail Blazers aren’t doing too shabby for a team that just traded a franchise fan favorite. The team has played just seven games at the Moda Center, but has averaged about 18,429 fans per game, filling up 94.2 percent of the arena.