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Scoot Henderson Still Wants to Win Rookie of the Year

Portland’s point guard keeps moving forward.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Golden State Warriors John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

On the day Victor Wembanyama and the San Antonio Spurs come to town, Portland Trail Blazers fans are being reminded that their own rookie lottery pick, Scoot Henderson, still has a desire to hoist the NBA Rookie of the Year trophy. Colin Ward-Henniger of CBS Sports quoted the young point guard to that effect in an article praising him for his progress so far this season.

Writing from the Bay Area, Ward-Henniger caught up to Henderson after a game last weekend against the Golden State Warriors:

“Trying to get Rookie of the Year, that’s still my goal,” Henderson told CBS Sports after the Blazers’ 126-106 loss to the Warriors on Saturday. “That’s still up in the air, I think.”

The article explains the difficulties inherent in reaching that goal, both competition from the Wambanyama hype machine and the intricacies of playing point guard, the toughest position in the game. But it affirms that Henderson bulls forward nonetheless, both metaphorically and on the court, as Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr affirms:

“He’s really impressive. He just comes downhill so fast and powerfully,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr, whose team has played against Henderson three times already this season. “You can see he’s got a world of talent and seems to be doing a really good job.”

Ward-Henniger spends more time on Billups’ nuanced take on playing point, then finishes with a soliloquy from Henderson himself:

“I know it’s hard to come in the league and play point guard, especially for a team that’s creating a new system, trying to play faster and things like that nature,” Henderson explained. “But my thing is just controlling what I control. ... I can control how to get better every single game — watching film, going over last game and games before that. Watching other NBA guards in the league, how they score, how they defend, how they assist and get players involved. Just doing that, I think it’ll just get me better.”

What do you think? Does Henderson have a realistic shot at Rookie of the Year still? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.