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L2M Report Reveals Blazers, Warriors Missed Calls

The Portland Trail Blazers and Golden State Warriors may have gotten lucky (and unlucky) with the officiating on Sunday.

Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Cameron Browne/NBAE via Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers fell 118-114 to the Golden State Warriors on Sunday night, but in hindsight, it maybe shouldn’t have ended up the way it did.

The NBA revealed its Last Two Minute Report and it shared that there were three missed calls, two against Portland and one against Golden State.

With 1:07 to go, Anfernee Simons made a basket while being defended by Andrew Wiggins. However, the report revealed that Simons was fouled and should have gone to the free throw line for a potential three-point play.

“Wiggins (GSW) jumps from point A to point B and initiates body contact that alters Simons’ (POR) driving shot attempt,” the report said.

The second call went against the Warriors. Shaedon Sharpe fouled Chris Paul as he was dribbling just outside of the paint with 26 seconds left. However, this had little to no effect on the game as Paul sunk a baseline jumper later in the possession.

“Sharpe (POR) extends forward into Paul’s (GSW) path and initiates body contact that affects Paul’s SQBR at the top of the perimeter,” the report said.

The final call was perhaps the most important of all, and it went against the Blazers.

With 9.7 seconds left, the Blazers forced Stephen Curry out of bounds, but the referees declared that Portland was the last to touch the ball. However, replays and the report say otherwise.

“Possession is awarded to Golden State. However, the ball touches Curry’s (GSW) left leg last before going out of bounds. Possession should have been awarded to Portland,” the report said.

Had the Blazers been given the ball, they would have had a chance to win down one with seconds to go, and the loss could have turned into a win.

Unfortunately, all the Blazers can do is move on.