Lillard Defensive Woes May Be Increasing?

Hello Blazer fans…

For those of you looking to keep up on the life and times of Damian Lillard, look no further than this article by Brad Botkin, over at CBS Sports. Brad slices, dices and fries Damian leaving no basketball stronghold of old number zero safe. His transition in Milwaukee is not going so smoothly and it is now hitting the national media with far greater attention. It seems that the brighter lights closer to Chicago are shining more illumination upon the various failures in the game of the has been hero of the Pacific Northwest. In short, his defense is worse than ever and his offense is not making up for the horrors seen as he fails to play whole game basketball. Check it out here:

Perhaps Lillard was best suited in a very small market, where his personal legacy could be protected. What do you think?