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Which NBA Team Has Had the Most Disappointing Start in 2023-24?

Some franchises have excelled. What about the rest?

Utah Jazz v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

After the Portland Trail Blazers and Utah Jazz faced each other on Wednesday night, they both exited the game with a 4-11 record. Both lie beneath the 6-8 Los Angeles Clippers in the standings, but they’re well ahead of the 3-13 San Antonio Spurs and 3-12 Memphis Grizzlies at the bottom of the NBA’s Western Conference.

The 11-5 Milwaukee Bucks, whom Portland will face Sunday, appear to have righted themselves after a shaky 5-4 start to the season, but the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors hover around .500 in the Eastern Conference.

All this sets up a question for the day, as the league approaches the 20% mark of the season. Which team has had the most disappointing start to the year? That’s not necessarily the team with the worst record. The Washington Wizards and Detroit Pistons hold two victories each, but they were expected to struggle. Which team has done far worse than you anticipated, to the point where you’re shaking your head and face-palming? Is it Portland, or do one or more of the other teams listed above exceed the Blazers in a head-scratching shortfall?

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