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How Do You Feel about the Trail Blazers Facing Damian Lillard?

The Blazers will see their old flame for the first time on Sunday.

In-Season Tournament - Washington Wizards v Milwaukee Bucks

The Portland Trail Blazers will face off against the Damian Lillard and the Milwaukee Bucks at 12:30 PM, Pacific on Sunday afternoon. When that game tips, it will mark the first time that Lillard and the team he spent 11 seasons with will reunite on the court.

The Bucks have an 11-5 record as we speak, the Blazers 4-11. The Lillard storyline will likely dominate the contest more than any pretense at competitiveness..although a victory for the scrappy underdogs would be a sweet trophy from the afternoon!

In anticipation of the milestone, let’s have it out. How do you feel about Dame suiting up for another team and trying to beat the Blazers? Don’t worry about basketball analytics. We just want to know at a gut level how this is hitting you. What thoughts or emotions go through you when you see this game on the schedule?

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