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Associate the Trail Blazers with a Thanksgiving Dish

If Portland players were on a holiday platter, what would they be?

Utah Jazz v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Cameron Browne/NBAE via Getty Images

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, a day the NBA takes off. We’ve already opened the “What are you thankful for?” thread for your reflections on all the things surrounding the team that evoke gratitude. But hold up. We’re not done yet.

Thanksgiving isn’t just an attitude. Plenty of customs and traditions accompany the day. Most notably in most of our lives, the Thanksgiving feast. Everyone knows the classic items served on this day, though opinions vary on their relative deliciousness. This is also true, by the way, of the Trail Blazers.

That opens the door for a fun little exercise. Take any Portland player, coach, even the GM. (Prominent public figures only. If you’re salty with your season ticket representative, don’t name drop them here. Stick to the guys making millions of dollars.) What traditional Thanksgiving food would you associate that Trail Blazer with and why? Bonus points if you can do multiple players or spell out the whole dang meal.

Do have a wee bit of boundaries. Please don’t say inappropriate or gross things, or absolutely destroy any of our beloved Trail Blazers figures. But there’s room for creativity and humor while not crossing the line, so if such occurs to you, go for it!

What Thanksgiving delicacies would the Trail Blazers be? The comment section is open for you now. Happy Holidays to all!