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Which Trail Blazers Newcomer Are You Most Excited About?

Portland has a few fresh faces this year. Which one floats your boat?

In-Season Tournament - Portland Trail Blazers v Phoenix Suns Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers have welcomed several new members of the roster for the 2023-24 season. Injuries to established players, plus a few holes in the overall makeup of the team, have allowed a pretty good glimpse at the newcomers.

15 games doesn’t seem like a huge sample size. Probably because it’s not. But this Sunday’s game versus the Milwaukee Bucks will put the Blazers 20% of the way through their season. That’s plenty enough time to ask for initial impressions.

Of the prominent new players on the roster, which one excites you most because of their long-term potential and fit with the team? Note that we’re not just asking about talent here. It’s obvious that some players start ahead of others in that department. Same goes for experience. You’d expect Deandre Ayton to fit in more seamlessly than Scoot Henderson because Ayton has played for five years, Henderson zero. Basically, we’re asking which player makes you go, “Ooooh...THAT’S the guy I’m glad we got! I believe he’ll be a productive member of this team six or seven years from now when the others have come and gone.”

Three main candidates come to mind: Ayton, Henderson, and the overachieving defensive wizard Toumani Camara. We could also throw in Malcolm Brogdon, but his ultra-veteran status may disqualify him from becoming a stalwart for the next decade. Robert Williams III is also a candidate, but injuries cut short his season before we could see him play.

You’re free to throw in anyone you wish, but even if it comes down to Ayton, Henderson, and Camara, which one would you pick as your guy?

The comment section is open! Happy Thanksgiving discussion!