In Season Tournament Predictions?

Is everyone excited for the in-season tournament starting tomorrow? The single-game series aspect adds a lot of variability! As a new team and untested team, I hope that the Blazers will treat this like a playoff environment that are young players can grow in. Given that we are on a roll, I'm going to share my VERY OVERLY OPTIMISTIC predictions for how the Blazers can win the tournament this year.

Group Stage

Memphis: W

Utah: W

LALakers: W (This is a stretch but seems within the realm of possibility)

Pheonix: L (If we win this I will be over the moon)

With a 3-1 record, Blazers would hold tie breakers against everyone but Pheonix so the Suns would have to lose to the Lakers and someone else for Portland to advance outright. Otherwise Portland would be in the wild card mix which would depend if any other 2nd place teams in the West get a 3-1 record. If there are, Point differential is the tie breaker followed by total points than regular season record. Most likely PD will be different so Blazers should try and run up the score on Memphis (I see this as by far the easiest win).

In the knockout rounds (assuming Portland advances as a wild card) the western quarterfinals could look like this:

(1)Denver Nuggets v. (4)Portland Trail Blazers

(2)Golden State Warriors v. (3)Pheonix Suns

At that point the path would be very hard for the Blazers but given a few lucky bounces, some off nights from opposing players and a continuation of Portland's stout defense of the past two games, it is within the realm of possibilty.

This would lead to the finals which for fun, we will say the Celtics reach. Timelord and Brogdon explode for revenge, Sharpe continues to show he's turned a corner, Blazers win.

Fantasies aside, I'm mostly hoping Blazers continue to improve and see if we can maintain defensive pressure against stronger rosters.