Silver goes nuts And Allows Trail Blazers Fans To Pick For Their team Any Players In The League To Compete For This Season’s Championship. He Also Says that The Salary Cap No Longer Exists. Who’s On Your Team?

If I am trying to win right now, as much as I love the guys on our team there are only a couple of Blazers that I would pick to be on this super team, and that is Deandre and Shaedon. Because once you have battled all season long to get to the point where you are only four games away from joining the best teams to ever play the game you are going to need the best players on the planet right now.

So I would start with the Joker in the middle. Twenty eight years old, 6 foot 11 inches tall, and durable as a pair of Air Jordan’s. Nikola’s 29 points and 9 assists a game would also come in handy on the stage where the lights shine the brightest. But his point guard wouldn’t be Jamal Murray it would be De’Aaron Fox. I know he is only 6’3" and a buck eighty five, a midget amongst giants in some peoples minds, but there is no doubt about it he’s an absolute flame throwing assassin. His counterpart shooting guard would be Luka Doncic, a 6 foot 7 inch 230 pound freak of nature. And oh yeah his averaging 30 points a game along with an insane 8 assists and 8 rebounds per game too would also come in handy during crunch time in some of those Finals games. And I would never live it down if I didn’t put Giannis on this list, so I am slotting him in at one of the forward spots for reasons that don’t need statistics to justify. Five minutes of watching any game he has ever played in would convince even the most casual NBA fan that he’s the real deal. Now the other forward was a lot harder to pick because there are definitely some great ones out there right now, but I end up choosing Lauri Markkanen. And this is for no other reason than the guy looks like a seven foot school teacher, yet on his way to averaging 23 points a game he makes his defenders look like school kids.

Now to back up these starting five players, well that’s where Deandre Ayton comes in. With him anchoring things, along with with Pascal Siakam and Jaylen Brown manning the two forward spots beside him, the team would be in pretty good shape. And I figure the best backup guards for that group would probably have to be Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Anthony Edwards.

And for injury insurance, let’s see who’s left. OK how about this. Bam Adebayo at the center position along with Domantas Sabonis and Jaren Jackson Jr. nearby, followed by Tyrese Halliburton and our own Shaedon Sharp in the backcourt. After all the kid getting experience being around the best players there are right now would do him wonders.

Alright Trail Blazers fans who do you have on your team that you feel could bring home the hardware from the big dance?