Blazers Salary Cap Tracker (11/11/23 Update)

2023-24 Salary Cap Tracker

November 11, 2023

This Fanpost was originally started in July to track the Blazers salary situation as the Free Agency / Trading period / Pre-season unfolded. It's now mid-November and the Blazers have been hit with a rash of early season injuries to Point Guards. Consequently they have converted Skylar Mays from a 2-way contract to a regular season contract.

The Blazers no longer have any open roster spots. If they want to make another roster addition they would have to waive or trade a player from the roster. They still have some room ($3.5M) under the Tax Threshold to make trades that would bring back more salary than they send out. They could also use a TPE earned in the Lillard or Payton trades. Or use a Mid-level or Minimum Salary Exception if they wanted to bring in a Free Agent.

This is not a prediction, it is a Tracker. It's to show where the Blazers are with respect to the Tax Threshold and the 1st Apron. The 1st Apron becomes a hard-cap if the Blazers use more than $5M (the TP-MLE amount) of their $12.4M MLE (Mid-Level Exception), use the $4.5M BAE (Bi-Annual Exception), or if they accept a Sign & Traded player.

Potential Column

The Potential column lists the expected salary of free agents with potential to remain following training camp and pre-season. It also lists the amounts of the Exceptions (MLE, BAE, TPE) that are available to the Blazers.

Projection Notes:

The Projection/Actual column now includes 15 players, the maximum number of regular contracts allowed. The Blazers have 3 players with 2-way contracts, but those do not count against the team salary.

The Team Salary is about $3.5M below the tax threshold. Moses Brown's $2.0M contract is only guaranteed for $500K. Skylar Mays $1.8M pro-rated minimum salary is guaranteed for $850K. If either player is waived prior to January 10, when all contracts become fully guaranteed, it would make additional room available below the Tax Threshold.


1. 6/29 Thybulle - Qualifying Offer Tendered - now RFA

2. 6/29 Reddish - Qualifying Offer Not Tendered - now UFA

3. 6/30 Knox - Team Option Declined - now UFA

4. 6/30 Watford - Non-guaranteed contract - Waived

5. 7/1 Grant - Signed for $27.6M

6. 7/1 Eubanks & Reddish - signed with other teams

7. 7/2 Dame Lillard - asked to be traded

8. 7/5 Thybulle - signed $10.5M Dallas offer sheet

9. 7/6 Thybulle - Blazers matched offer sheet - 3 years, $11.5M player option 3rd year

10. 7/19 Walker - Salary became fully guaranteed for 2023-24

11. 7/28 Williams - Waived prior to contract becoming guaranteed

12. 8/22 Moses Brown - signed to 1 year contract, $250K/$500K guaranteed for camp/start of season

13. 9/27 Lillard, Nurkic, Little, Johnson - traded for Deandre Ayton, Jrue Holiday and Toumani Camara.

14. 10/1 Holiday - traded for Malcolm Brogdon and Robert Williams

15. 10/21 Wainright - Signed off waivers (from Phoenix) [Reath and Knox waived by Blazers]

16. 11/11 Mays - 2-way contract converted to a regular season contract

PORTLAND 2023-24 Potential Projection
1 Deandre Ayton 32,459,438
2 Jerami Grant UFA re-signed 27,586,207
3 Anfernee Simons 24,107,143
4 Malcolm Brogdon 22,500,000
5 Robert Williams 11,571,429
6 Matisse Thybulle RFA matched 10,500,000
7 Scoot Henderson 9,770,880
8 Shaedon Sharpe 6,313,800
9 Kris Murray 2,847,480
10 Ishmail Wainright 1,927,896
11 Jabari Walker 1,719,864
12 Rayan Rupert 1,119,563
13 Toumani Camara 1,119,563
Non-guaranteed (part or all)
14 Moses Brown $500K guaranteed 2,019,706
15 Skylar Mays $850K guaranteed 1,799,163
Full MLE (Must be below Apron) 12,405,000
TP-MLE 5,000,000
BAE (Must be below Apron) 4,516,000
TPE (Lillard trade) 8,778,377
TPE (Payton trade) 8,300,000
TPE (Hart trade) 2,626,019
Minimum 2 yr+ Veteran 2,019,706
Subtotal 157,362,132
Dead Money 4,412,462
Subtotal w/Dead Money 161,774,594
Salary Cap 136,021,000
Over Cap 25,753,594
Tax Level 165,294,000
Over Tax Level (3,519,406)
1st Apron 172,346,000
Above 1st Apron (10,571,406)
Tax 0
Total with Tax 161,774,594