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Portland WNBA Deal Reportedly Falls Through

It looks like Portland won’t be getting a team.

San Antonio Spurs v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The city of Portland’s bid for a WNBA team has fallen through according to the Oregonian’s Bill Oram.

This report of the plan falling through come about a month after it was reported by The Athletic that Portland was under strong consideration for a WNBA franchise.

According to Oram, a major sticking point in the plans, outlined in a letter WNBA Commissioner Cathy Englebert sent to Ron Wyden, was a proposed renovation of the Moda Center that would take place during a WNBA season.

In her letter, Engelbert cited plans for renovations to Moda Center, the home of the Trail Blazers, as a sticking point. She said the renovations, “anticipated to take place during consecutive summers” had led to the decision to hold off on expanding to Portland “until the timing and scope of arena improvements are settled.”

Despite the setback, a representative for Wyden reinforced his commitment to bringing a WNBA franchise to Portland.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Wyden said, “Sen. Wyden is committed to continue working hard with everybody in Portland who’s teaming up to bring our city and state a WNBA franchise.

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