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Blazer’s Edge Welcomes Brandon and Cory

Say hello to two new staffers!


Blazer’s Edge Readers, we’d like you to welcome two new staff members, Cory Dickman and Brandon Goldner.

The network is doing a staff biography project for SBNation sites, so you’ll learn more about Cory. Brandon, and all our staff members soon, but for now, here’s the scoop.

Cory has an eye for analytics and video analysis. He also has a clear, concise communication style and a gift for picking out relevant information. He’ll be focusing on game recaps and the occasional off-day video analysis piece.

Brandon has worked with us before. His heart and spirit are incomparable. He’s got a sharp eye and mind to go with. He’ll be working on game previews, general news stories, and maybe some publicity and community engagement pieces.

Please join us in welcoming Cory and Brandon to the staff for this year!