Robert Williams off season workout routine - his first healthy off season in years.

Interesting interview with Robert William's off season trainer. He goes into what Robert was working on this off season. It's interesting to note how excited Robert was to be able to work on his game this off season instead of rehabbing an injury. Talks about him developing his short range jumper to add to his arsenal of rim running, put backs and lobs. Develop his J and make em pay!!! They also talk about load management and keeping him fresh for the playoffs. I also found this other gem of a video talking about the origins of the Time Lord nickname.

"Chris Forsberg chats with Robert Williams' new offseason trainer, Aaron Miller about his experience working with the Celtics big this summer and what he and Rob are hoping to improve about his game entering this season. 1:20- Aaron explains how he teamed up with Rob and what goals the two are working on this summer 11:20- Aaron shares his impressions of Rob and experience working with him to improve his mid-range and three-point shot 18:00- Aaron offers his take on whether Rob and Kristaps Porzingis can be successful when on the court together