How many losses without a win...

would it take to get rid of the terrible coach that we have?

It is very possible that this Blazer team doesn't win a game for quite awhile. It is the NBA and they do have NBA caliber players so they could win a game on any given day, but there is a real possibility that they could lose a lot before they break into the win column. Having such an inept coach makes this more possible. I have nothing against him personally, but being a life long Blazer fan, I can't stand seeing the awful coaching that is happening right now.

That being said, how many losses without a win would it take before Blazer brass would have to fire the guy posing as an NBA coach? I will guess 0-12 would get it done. No one in the organization wants to fire this guy currently, but their would be a tipping point if they cant get a win.