Blazers Salary Cap Tracker 10/21/23 (Final?) Update

2023-24 Salary Cap Tracker

October 21, 2023

This Fanpost was originally started in July to track the Blazers salary situation as the Free Agency / Trading period / Pre-season unfolded. It's now 4 days before the first game of the season. It's been an eventful period to say the least. The roster for starting the season may now be complete with the waiving today of Knox and Reath, and the signing of Ish Wainright off waivers from Phoenix.

But should the Blazers decide to make a further move (they still have 1 open roster spot) they have room under the Tax Threshold to make another trade and bring back significantly more salary than they send out. Or use a TPE earned in the Lillard or Payton trades. Or even use a Mid-level Exception if they wanted to bring in an un-signed veteran Free Agent. Read on ...

This is not a prediction, it is a Tracker. It is meant to show where the Blazers are with respect to the Tax Threshold and the 1st Apron. The 1st Apron becomes a hard-cap if the Blazers use more than $5M (the TP-MLE amount) of their $12.4M MLE (Mid-Level Exception), use the $4.5M BAE (Bi-Annual Exception), or if they accept a Sign & Traded player.

The table contains players with guaranteed and non-guaranteed contracts, and Blazer Free Agents. The Blazers must have a minimum of 14, and a maximum of 15, regular player contracts entering the season. Two-Way players do not count against the salary cap so they are not included. (They may carry 21 contracts until the season begins.)

Potential Column

The Potential column now lists the expected salary of free agents with potential to remain following training camp and pre-season. I've also listed the amounts of the Exceptions (MLE, BAE, TPE) that are available to the Blazers.

Projection Column

In order to provide some context for the Blazers Salary Cap situation I've provided a Projection column, which I will update with the actual moves and transactions the Blazers make.

Projection Notes:

The Projection/Actual column now includes 14 players. The minimum number of regular (non-2-way) contracts required at the start of the season is 14 (15 is the maximum allowed). i.e. they could add one more regular contract player.

The Team Salary, currently with the contracts of 14 players, is about $5.3M below the tax threshold. That leaves significant room to take back more salary than we send out in a trade, use a TPE, or add a Free Agent and still remain below the tax threshold.

Moses Brown $2.0M contract is only guaranteed for $250K through training camp, or $500K if he starts the regular season with the Blazers. If he is waived prior to January 10, when his contract becomes fully guaranteed, it would make additional room available below the Tax Threshold.


1. 6/29 Thybulle - Qualifying Offer Tendered - now RFA

2. 6/29 Reddish - Qualifying Offer Not Tendered - now UFA

3. 6/30 Knox - Team Option Declined - now UFA

4. 6/30 Watford - Non-guaranteed contract - Waived

5. 7/1 Grant - Signed for $27.6M

6. 7/1 Eubanks & Reddish - signed with other teams

7. 7/2 Dame Lillard - asked to be traded

8. 7/5 Thybulle - signed $10.5M Dallas offer sheet

9. 7/6 Thybulle - Blazers matched offer sheet - 3 years, $11.5M player option 3rd year

10. 7/19 Walker - Salary became fully guaranteed for 2023-24

11. 7/28 Williams - Waived prior to contract becoming guaranteed

12. 8/22 Moses Brown - signed to 1 year contract, $250K/$500K guaranteed for camp/start of season

13. 9/27 Lillard, Nurkic, Little, Johnson - traded for Deandre Ayton, Jrue Holiday and Toumani Camara.

14. 10/1 Holiday - traded for Malcolm Brogdon and Robert Williams

15. 10/21 Wainright - Signed off waivers (from Phoenix) [Reath and Knox waived by Blazers]

PORTLAND 2023-24 Potential Projection
1 Deandre Ayton 32,459,438
2 Jerami Grant UFA re-signed 27,586,207
3 Anfernee Simons 24,107,143
4 Malcolm Brogdon 22,500,000
5 Robert Williams 11,571,429
6 Matisse Thybulle RFA matched 10,500,000
7 Scoot Henderson 9,770,880
8 Shaedon Sharpe 6,313,800
9 Kris Murray 2,847,480
10 Ishmail Wainright 1,927,896
11 Jabari Walker 1,719,864
12 Rayan Rupert 1,119,563
13 Toumani Camara 1,119,563
Non-guaranteed (part or all)
14 Moses Brown $250K/$500K guarantee camp/season 2,019,706
Full MLE (Must be below Apron) 12,405,000
TP-MLE 5,000,000
BAE (Must be below Apron) 4,516,000
TPE (Lillard trade) 8,778,377
TPE (Payton trade) 8,300,000
TPE (Hart trade) 2,626,019
Minimum 2 yr+ Veteran 2,019,706
Subtotal 155,562,969
Dead Money 4,412,461
Subtotal w/Dead Money 159,975,430
Salary Cap 136,021,000
Over Cap 23,954,430
Tax Level 165,294,000
Over Tax Level (5,318,570)
1st Apron 172,346,000
Above 1st Apron (12,370,570)
Tax 0
Total with Tax 159,975,430