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Defense, Isolation Ball, and the Trail Blazers

Dave and Marlow, Episode 12 explores what’s ailing the Blazers.

Portland Trail Blazers v Indiana Pacers Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

Your favorite Portland Trail Blazers podcast is back, as Dave Deckard and Marlow Ferguson, Jr. commemorate their one dozen-th episode together with some ultra-hot topics. What is happening to Portland’s defense? Why aren’t the Blazers performing as well as they did earlier in the season? Is too much isolation ball really a bad thing? When and where is it more (or less) appropriate? What players are being underutilized and in what situations might they shine? Gary Payton II...what’s up with that? Anfernee Simons and Josh Hart also get mentions, along with the upcoming trade deadline and evaluation of games versus the Golden State Warriors, Detroit Pistons, and Minnesota Timberwolves.

Dave and Marlow also make New Year’s resolutions for the team and talk about the critical missing ingredient that appears to be missing, diluting every attempt the Blazers make at improvement, or even cohesion.

There’s a whole lot of stuff packed into 56 minutes on Dave and Marlow, Episode 12!

You can subscribe to the podcast or download this episode here. Or just click play on the embed below!

Hope you enjoy!