Dump your fake trades here

Hi All,

Let’s talk fake trades! This is an exciting part of the season, and I hope we can all enjoy talking fake trades on this thread.

Trade Idea #1:

Josh Hart to The Knicks


Isaiah Hartenstein + Cam Reddish

The knicks side: Josh hart seems like a Thibs kind of player. But if they don’t actually want josh hart, then I think a 3rd team is involved (hello, heat? Cavs?) and the knicks get someone different.

The Blazers: the blazers need another option at Center. After scouting Hartenstein for 15 minutes on YouTube, I’ve concluded he’s a 7’ tall version of Drew Eubanks; he plays above the rim, athletic, and he also has some grab and go ability, and some playmaking chops off of Dribble Hand offs.

Cam Reddish is effectively salary filler for me. If any of our perimeter players misses time, I think he fits the mold of what we want in a SG/SF. Athletic, willingness to shoot, size.

Trade idea #2:

Josh Hart + Nurkic to the Suns


Deandre Ayton

Suns side: The New owner wants to remain competitive while also resolving the locker room issues. They Get a downgrade at Center, but on a much cheaper contract. Josh Hart becomes their super-sub off the bench.

Blazers side: Ayton is capable of Anchoring a top-10 Defense, while also being a great finisher around the rim. The best of both worlds of our current center rotation. He’s a high level starter now, and I think he still has that all star ceiling.

Let me know what you think! If you comment your fake trade ideas, I will try to engage your idea in some way.