Regarding the abrupt pause in the recap series: a personal word

My byline's been absent from the Fanposts didebar going on almost a week and a half. I know y'all lurkin' out there.

First off, let me say blah blah reasons excuses blah blah. Birthdays, runs of others' days off, and last but not least the lingering consequences of a recent COVID affliction have all been sapping away my time and—more importantly—my energy.

The COVID sequelae are especially concerning, particularly as they're heaped atop similar issues from an earlier, far more ambiguous infection. What's important here is that I need to have my head screwed on to structure and write these analyses, a state far less common for me lately.

The deciding issue:

It's not the losses alone. I am a better fan than that, and a better writer. What's got me down is far, far more insidious.

The Blazers are losing often, and losing in more or less the same way every time they do.

It gets hard to write the same damn thing every other night.

If Ant showed more commitment to team defense, if more than three players could be counted upon to hustle in every game, if the guys were at least discovering new ways to lose, well, that would be something—perhaps frustrating, but still worth writing about.

Instead, it's more of the same: absent focus, high turnover rate, and guys getting out-scouted.

Received wisdom taught me to prepare for this, but it's the absolute truth that wow is it a lot to handle all at once.

I will start catching up soon. I don't know if the greater depth of field will help the stories, or if anyone will read them, but I'll be writing them.

For the time being, the work will be done with grim determination.

Thanks for reading. Have fun, be safe.