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Damian Lillard Pushes Back On Trade Questions Post Game

The Portland leader didn’t take kindly to questions about his patience and the pending trade deadline, postgame.

Los Angeles Lakers v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Portland Trail Blazers leader Damian Lillard was understandably frustrated after the team gave up a 25-point lead to lose to the Los Angeles Lakers this evening.

Post game, Lillard was honest and forthright. But when questions about where his patience was at and what the team could do at the February 9 trade deadline, he chose to call out those asking the questions.

I want us to be in the best position to win. My job is to play point guard, be prepared and then go out there and do what I do and everybody has a job. And right now we’re not winning, right now we haven’t not being consistent but it’s not my job to say who goes where or what needs to happen as far as the roster, that’s not my job. What I will say, is right now we’re just not getting it done, I do want to win, there’s no secret that I want to win and I think we got to do whatever we have to do to be in a position to win. That’s the point of showing up, to give ourselves the best chance to win and I’m all for whatever that means.”

“I’m confused why you all are asking me these questions right now, honestly. I respect it, but the bottom line is, we at the mid-way point of the season and we’re struggling right now, we’re not playing really well, we’ve been in a lot of these games, none of these games are just like we getting blown away. So i think as far as basketball goes there are things we can do to be better and we win some of these games.

The struggles that we’ve had are obvious but I don’t think it’s fair for you all to be asking these questions right now. I think that’s kind of a weak move. Our team is struggling and I’ve been transparent about our struggles and stuff that we can do better. But you all are putting me in a position to answer questions and I don’t think that’s cool.”

“I think that’s a lack of respect putting me in that position.”

Post game Coach Chauncey Billups didn’t rule out changes to the lineup after the disappointing loss, calling out a lack of experience, both on himself and the playing group.

“There’s a lot of things that you think about, our staff that we talk about and kick things around. We’ll continue to talk about it. Obviously, I’m not going to expose those possibilities before I talk to my team and my guys, but, of course, when you’re in these type of ruts, you’re always looking to shake it up, see what’s out there, what we could possibly do.”