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Could the Trail Blazers Engineer a Cam Reddish Resurrection?

The Knicks are reportedly selling Reddish cheap.

New York Knicks v Houston Rockets Photo by Logan Riely/NBAE via Getty Images

In the latest NBA trade rumors roundup, Marc Stein of The Stein Line suggests that the New York Knicks are ready to part ways with small forward Cam Reddish on the cheap. In his substack [subscription required], Stein claims that the Knicks have “redoubled their efforts” to move Reddish and that the asking price has devolved to a second-round pick and salaries to match his $6 million contract.

The 6’8 small forward came into the NBA via the 2019 NBA Draft, drafted 10th overall out of Duke by the Atlanta Hawks. The Knicks acquired him in 2022 for a first-round pick and forward Kevin Knox.

Reddish has averaged 8.4 points on 44.9% shooting for New York in 20 appearances this season, playing 21.9 minutes per game. He has not played since an 0-4, 3 turnover game against the Dallas Mavericks on December 3rd.

Coming out of Duke, Reddish was touted as a potential star. He never reached that potential with the Hawks, topping out at 11.2 points per game in his sophomore season...a year in which he only played 26 times.

Reddish’s fallback position was as a 3 and D small forward, but his three-point shooting high has been 35.9% in 3.8 attempts per game the year he was traded from the Hawks to the Knicks. He’s shooting 30.4% beyond the arc this year.

According to Stein, the Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks are all candidates to trade for Reddish. The 23-year-old fits in the classic mold of Trail Blazers trade habits as well, though: buy low on young players who haven’t reached their potential and turn them into serviceable roster members.

Reddish’s contract runs through the end of the season.

Do you see any hope, or potential profit, in taking a swing on Reddish for a second-rounder? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.