DID JC say this was a 2 year rebuild?

I may be mistaken but I think i remember hearing JC say this would be a 2 year rebuild.

If so, our good start to the season may have been a fluke and the team we have been watching for the last month is who we really are. JC is looking to see who meshes well with Dame on the court.

In that case we may be sellers at the deadline and buyers in the off season.

As much as I'd like us to make a splash next month...I don't think we will.

Hopefully Grant knows this is the plan and is committed to the team as a FA this summer. I see Dame/Grant and Sharpe as the cornerstones of the current iteration of the team.

I can see a few contenders offering us a 1st for Hart.

Ant seems out of place in the back-court with Dame and isn't working as planned so far....If we make him available, what team would want him? Would Charlotte trade some 1sts and some expiring contracts for him..Oubre/Plumlee and 2 1sts would be enticing. Could Ant and Beal make a better pairing....Barton/Hachimura and 2 1sts.

Nurk is a solid center and could be the size upgrade that Toronto needs this year. Getting him for GTJ could work for both teams. We could then flip GTJ for a 1st from a contender

I can see a few contenders offering us a 1st for Hart.

We could end up with 4 1sts to go along with our lottery pick and bunch of cap space. Which would give us ample ammo to go all in on a real star in the off-season.

Will Embid want out if Philly makes an early exit and Harden goes back to Houston? Same thing with KD if they don't resign Kyrie. Will the Heat start over if it doesn't work this year and make Butler available? Will LeBron ask out if they don't trade their future 1sts?