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Trail Blazers Media Day: Jerami Grant Leans on Experience, Versatility

The brand-new starter thinks a fresh outlook in Portland will yield exciting things.

Portland Trail Blazers Introduce Newly Signed Players Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Of all the Portland Trail Blazers Media Day 2022 interviews conducted at this morning’s press event, few were anticipated more than Jerami Grant. The former Detroit Pistons forward was Portland’s main acquisition of the off-season, the player everyone is waiting to see in the starting lineup.

Like his teammates, Grant sat down in front of microphones to talk about the upcoming year and the changes he foresees in the Rose City.

Sean Highkin quotes Grant on his preparation for Portland and a changing role in the Rose City:

Jerami Grant on how being a #1 option in Detroit will help him in a supporting role in Portland: “I think it’s gonna help me a lot. I’ve been through different stages where I had to show different things. Me being in Detroit helped me grow as a leader.”

Danny Marang of Blazer’s Edge and 1080 The Fan has Grant excited to play with new teammates Damian Lillard and Jusuf Nurkic:

Excited to be here, there’s definitely been talks for a while (about coming here) being able to play with Dame/Nurk - you just want to focus on where you’re at at the time but excited to be here.

On his relationship with Dame - he’s real, you don’t get that with a lot of other players so we clicked pretty fast.

On Dame, he’s locked in - ready to come back this year, win and do a lot and I’m the same way.

Grant also cited his versatility as a major asset to his new team:

On positional versatility, yeah I’m excited to play all over and I’ve played every position you can play.

On playing off of and with Nurk, he likes to pass and I like to cut, he’s got a big target to hit so Im really excited about that opportunity.

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