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Trail Blazers Media Day: Gary Payton II Talks Injury, Contract

Media Day gave Portland fans a look at one of their new roster members.

Portland Trail Blazers Introduce Newly Signed Players Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Portland Trail Blazers Media Day 2022 featured interviews with all the major Blazers players, including new addition Gary Payton II. The utility wing slash point guard took the stand to talk about the upcoming season for him.

One of the looming questions about Payton is his health coming into this next season.

Danny Marang of Blazer’s Edge and 1080 The Fan tweeted Payton’s outlook on health issues:

On his health, be ready around the start of the season - can do pretty much everything just trying to make sure I don’t rush back.

On the nature of the injury, Payton said:

On his injury, it was just some stuff I had to clean up from previous surgeries, just had to thug it out.

During the course of the interview, Payton also brought up training camp and the chemistry building he hopes to build there.

Marang also had a summary of Payton’s feelings about the budding roster:

A lot of guys have been here for the last month or so - this training camp is going to help a lot to get to know guys.

When asked about his role for this upcoming season, Payton said:

I can play pretty much 1-5, Chauncey knows he can throw me in anywhere and I’ll probably get it done.

Payton, a career journeyman, signed a three-year, $26 million contract with the Blazers this summer. Sean Highkin shared Payton’s outlook on the extended deal:

Gary Payton II on getting a multi-year contract given his career path: “I know where I’m gonna be for the next couple years. I can unpack my bag.”

Stay tuned for more summaries from the Media Day event.