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Mental Health, Robert Sarver, and NBA Broadcasting

The Dave and Dia podcast takes on deep issues across the National Basketball Association

2022 Las Vegas Summer League- Philadelphia 76ers v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Your favorite Portland Trail Blazers podcast is back on the air! Episode 98 of Dave and Dia went live this week with more talk about the Robert Sarver saga, this time broadened out to its importance for the NBA as a whole and society. Reactions around the league made clear that players and most observers didn’t think Adam Silver did enough. A Suns co-owner actually called for Sarver’s resignation. What difference does all of this make and how might times be a-changin’?

The dynamic duo also talk about Gary Payton II’s abdominal surgery and the odd way the news was announced. Lamar Hurd making positive comments about remote broadcasting also gets the Dave and Dia treatment: general support and respect, plus a, “Buuttttttt...” In addition, the co-hosts talk about Tina Thompson being hired as a scout and the NBA attempting to take steps to address mental health issues among players and staff.

Lots of fun and lots of thoughtfulness typify Episode 97 of the podcast, the last before Trail Blazers Training Camp opens!

You can download this episode or subscribe to the podcast here or just click play on the embed below!

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