Sign LaMarcus Aldridge for the veteran minimum.

That's just it.

I don't see why (as a team) we wouldn't want LMA in a veteran/bench role. Maybe we've already reached out to him and he didn't want it, and that's ok, but there are so many talented veterans out there (like DeMarcus Cousins, but I don't think he'd fit), I'm always more inclined to giving a second chance to some veteran than having so many youngsters on the team.

We had Carmelo Freakin' Anthony as our reserve PF some years ago, LaMarcus is a big body and somewhat instant offense from the post if we ever need to, and as far as I know he plays passable defense, specially for his size and age.

Apart from all the technical qualities, I think LMA deserves a positive send off at Portland and he would boost sales and morale (of course, if the team as a whole plays well, and plays for at least 6th-7th on the West), so really, all in all, I don't see why we should have so many below-25 years players (who don't fit Dame's timeline) and so many in-between guards/wings while we clearly lack size and some veteran leadership besides Dame himself. I get youngsters have upside, but a there's a limit to that (unless you're in the Process like OKC)