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Share Your Greatest Trail Blazers Pain

Exploring the heartaches of a franchise that has known too many.

Memphis Grizzlies v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Today we’re starting a two-part series on the best and worst moments in Portland Trail Blazers history. We’re going to start at the low end of the spectrum and move towards the highest.

This is a personal experience survey. We want your stories as Trail Blazers fans... not theoretical rankings, not things you didn’t see, but your own relationship with the sport and with the franchise. Something minor to someone else (or in the grand scheme of things) may be terribly important to you in your fandom. That’s great! It helps bring texture to club history, plus it opens our eyes to the many flavors of fandom.

Here’s the question for this post:

What is the most painful memory or experience you’ve had during your time as a Trail Blazers fan? We’re talking events that dug down to your core, that made you lift your hands to the heavens and ask why, maybe even some that robbed you of an expected joyful outcome that you just can’t get back. These are the moments that make you think the franchise is cursed, that leave you saying, “What if?” for a lifetime.

These experiences are part of every franchise, but I’d make the argument that “bittersweet” is practically part of the Blazers brand. Share your version of bitter below, so we can contrast it with the sweet in the next post.

The comment section is open. Share your most painful Trail Blazers memory! Tell us what happened (if it’s not obvious), why it mattered to you, and how it affected you going forward. Try to make the story as specific and detailed as possible so we can all live it alongside you and commiserate.