Off-season busy work and ideas

Let's play a (nice) game where you bring up an "argument" for a topic that you feel could benefit the league altogether. Through balancing, parity, or something (that benefits not only Portland), others can either bring up if they agree it would be good, would be good if adjusted, or just is a bad idea (again, nicely).

I would love to see the NBPA amd owners come together and agree on adjusting contracts due to state taxes. Contracts would get more complicated, but perhaps paying the player more money to compensate for how much of the contract will be taxed so the actual payout for a $20mil contract in Portland or New Orleans would be the same, as well as the actual cap hit but the dollar figure paid would be slightly higher to get to the $20mil payout. It would negate the argument of State tax being a reason for some teams to be unable to attract marquee names. Although this would be complicated it may benefit most teams.